Handcrafted - 100% All Natural And Organic Body Care Products

"The Secret Ingredient strongly believes in the products that add more value to your skin than your make-up box"

The Secret Ingredient offers 100% all-natural and organic body care products. The product line includes handcrafted, natural soaps, serums, scrubs, baby soaps, lip balms and more. All ingredients used to prepare these products are 100% natural with no chemicals, no toxins, no parabens and no additional fragrances or preservatives. They are cruelty-free, SLS/SLES-free and dermatologically tested products formulated for Indian weather conditions.


We are an all-women team!

The Secret Ingredient strongly believes in empowering and uplifting all women! We take immense proud in having a 100% women team where we all motivate each other to be better each day and get closer to our dreams. We cannot stress enough on the fact that dreams do come true and with the right support system, any woman can achieve her desires. With our practices, we hope to encourage more women around us to explore their passions and believe in themselves to become rising entrepreneurs they have always dreamt to be.

What’s the Secret?

The Secret Ingredient is generally used as that ingredient which makes the particular product more special. We are essentially a brand offering 100% natural, environment-friendly and handmade products and that truly becomes the secret ingredient of our product line. We focus on bringing you authentic and age-old “ghar ke nuske” to give you best results.

The Secret Dream

The Secret Ingredient was built on a dream to bring skincare products made with all-natural ingredients for everyone. Drawing from the experience of using all-natural products made at home with recipes that were passed on from one generation to the next, Freny, the founder wanted to share the same love that was her family’s heirloom

The Secret Ingredient especially focuses on providing perfect solutions for young and dynamic individuals who couldn’t spare the time preparing homemade remedies for skin. 

Essentially, our dream is a simple one; to provide soaps, skin potions and elixirs that make you feel good about using them and recognize us as a brand that truly brings positive impact in your life. 

The Secret Journey

The Secret Ingredient’s journey consists of expanding in all directions, offering real and authentic products to all those to want the best for their skin. We focus on being thoroughly researched in what we use to formulate our products because we care for our customers and want them to experience high-quality, every time they use TSI. \

Since the start, we have been serious supporters of women empowerment and that shows in our all-women team. Motivating each other and hoping to inspire every woman to follow their dreams. In this journey, we only hope to help those who do business with us and always remember us for our secret, natural touch and love we add into all our products.

Freny Jariwala, The Founder

Freny Jariwala is a successful woman entrepreneur who has always had a penchant of proving the strength of a woman. She runs a successful preschool in addition to being a full-time mom and a serial entrepreneur. Her passion for The Secret Ingredient evolved when she was polishing her soap making skills. Carefully learning the craft of soap making and the alchemy of elixirs for healthy skin, she has mastered the skills and business acumen to understand trends and aims in bringing the best for TSI’s clientele.

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